Battery Back Up Systems

Conventional grid-connect solar power cannot provide you with power during blackouts.  By law, the solar system must disconnect whenever the grid shuts down.  Unfortunately, this is often when we most need power.CGP-Mod.jpg

The solution:  Solar with Battery Back-up will seamlessly and automatically switch from grid power to your battery power with no interruption to supply.

Other advantages:
– Store your energy, and program the battery system to use it when you want to.
– More control over your power bill: save money by using your battery power during peak-price periods.
– Be the small business that keeps operating during blackouts.

We retro-fit to existing solar installs, or design complete systems.

We provide comprehensive advice for your situation,
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Sandy is Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited (Stand Alone and Grid Connect)
A Grade Electrician
Registered Electrical Contractor
10 years experience in the solar install industry